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Dont Answer These Off-Limits Interview Questions

Dont Answer These Off-Limits Interview Questions Dont Answer These Off-Limits Interview QuestionsHas an bewerberbewerbungsgesprcher ever asked you a question that made you feel uncomfortable?Did you know there are certain bewerbungsgesprch questions that shouldnt be asked? Theyre notlage just taboo theyre illegal. Nevertheless, some inexperienced interviewers may go ahead and try to sneak one of these inappropriate questions into your interview. In fact, a recent survey conducted by TopResume found that four out of five professionals reported feeling uncomfortable by interview questions they were asked, and most didnt know that they shouldnt have been asked these questions in the first place. A hiring manager may have good intentions it may simply be an attempt to break the ice or get to know you better. But when it comes down to it, these questions can lead to discrimination in the hiring process.As a job seeker, its important that youre aware of your rights so you know when youre being asked a question that you dont have to answer. Here is a list of inappropriate interview questions to look out for, as well as some tips on how to dodge them with grace.How old are you?The only thing an interviewer needs to know is that you are over the age of 18. Otherwise, all age-related questions are off-limits. On a similar note, you also cannot be asked how soon you are planning to retire.How do I dodge it?Simply tell the interviewer that you are over the age of 18. If asked to submit a photo ID, state that you are concerned about identity theft and would prefer not to until its decided whether or not youll be joining the company.What is your marital status? Do you have children?This is one of those instances where an interviewer is likely just trying to make conversation. The intentions may be good, but questions about marital status, children, or family plans arent up for grabs in the interview room. This includes questions about child care arrangements, which an inte rviewer may bring up out of concern for the applicants ability to take on certain job-related responsibilities.How do I dodge it?Turn the question back on the interviewer. If asked about your marital status, go for a response like It sounds like family is important to you. Are you married? If asked about child care arrangements, get to the root of the question and respond to whether or not you have restrictions that could interfere with any of the jobs responsibilities.RelatedAsk Amanda How Do I Answer Tell Me About Yourself in an Interview?What is your nationality? Where are you from?National origin is a federally protected class, therefore you dont have to answer any questions about your nationality, citizenship, or how long youve lived in the United States.How do I dodge it?Keep it simple explain that youre legally eligible to work in the United States. Thats all the interviewer really needs to know.What are your religious beliefs?To prevent discrimination based on religious pra ctices, an interviewer cannot ask about your spiritual beliefs or religious affiliation. Similarly, it is illegal for an interviewer to ask if you will need time off for religious holidays.How do I dodge it?Try to figure out what the interviewer is really concerned about in asking this question perhaps its about your availability to work certain times or days of the week. Respond to those concerns, and you can leave your spiritual beliefs aside.Other Illegal Interview Question TopicsDisability Asking questions about disability is also illegal, thanks to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and its declaration that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against someone with a disability. This applies to both physical disability and mental illness.Gender and Sexual Orientation These are next on the list of off-limits topics for interview questions. If one of them comes up, respond by focusing on what skills you can bring to the job, regardless of gender or sexual orientati on.Previous Salary (in certain areas)As of April 2018, there are nine places in the U.S. where asking an interviewee about their previous salary is not allowed. This Business Insider article breaks down those places and gives detail on the laws that restrict this question from being asked. If you live outside of these areas, check out these tips forhow to tackle tough salary questions.Nailing an interview is all about being prepared. That means knowing how to handle not only the questions you expect, but also the ones that you dont. These questions may be illegal for the interview room, but that doesnt mean they wont come your way every now and then. By knowing your rights as a job seeker, you can dodge an inappropriate interview question and keep potential discrimination out of your job search. Click on the following link to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for more information on the types of discrimination that are illegal in the hiring process.Disclaimer TopResum e is not a substitute for professional legal advice. This article is intended for guidance only.Want to ace the interview? Hire a TopInterview professional interview coach todayRecommended ReadingHow to Tackle the Short and Long-Term Goals Question13 of the Smartest Questions to Ask a Hiring ManagerThings You Should Do Right After a Job InterviewRelated Articles

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The Basics of Profile Resume You Can Learn From Starting Right Away

The Basics of Profile Resume You Can Learn From Starting Right Away When youre highly experienced or whenever you would like your profile to enlist all of the knowledge you have in your field, it stuffs your resume and makes it appear clumsy. You may gain and improve your profiles visibility, which makes it readily accessible to the targeted audiences by optimizing it by appropriate use of keywords. As soon as your profile is completed, attempt to find some recommendations for the people that you know and youve worked with previously. You always need to have an expert profile, as opposed to an objective within the resume. What You Need to Do About Profile Resume Starting in the Next 3 Minutes Well, you need to be quite careful about the duration of summary of your LinkedIn profile, it shouldnt be mora than 2000 characters. Make certain your profile reflects what you are presently doing also and what you would like to do in the approaching future. It is quite a bit more tro ublesome to rapidly focus when reading a resume that does not own a profile. Simply earning a profile will set you in a strong distributions-mix to rank highly on Google for your own name. The profile isnt a succession of sentences, but instead a series strategically placed words and phrases. CV writing services India can also assist you with writing covering letters alongside your resume. A relevant resume sample is a handy tool that may supply you with formatting and writing ideas as you construct your own resume. The creative men and women require different forms of resumes, here are a few of the resume samples. Finding the Best Profile Resume Confusing an expert summary with a profile can end up costing a work seeker that sought-after interview. Profiles have a lot of advantages for student job seekers. A profile serves to show what youve got to offer you an employer what you will do for the business in the future. Your profile ought to be customized to coordinate wit h the qualifications the employer is seeking. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Profile Resume Youre more inclined to find the job that you apply for, youre in a place to be selective, and youre more inclined to be on the spot once the position you truly want opens up. A profile resume might not be specifically designed to entice the eye of recruiters looking for qualified applicants. A wonderful profile will quickly highlight your most marketable skills since they relate to a particular job, and itll encourage the employer to keep on reading on to the upcoming sections of your resume. It instantly summarizes your qualifications for a specific job.

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A career in sport will take you places

A career in sport will take you places A career in sport will take you placesPosted May 24, 2013, by Molly Wiltshire-Bridle Ever wondered what a qualification in the sports industry can really do for you? From physical education to major event planning, sporting careers are vast and varied. Like many of ACPEs graduates, you might find yourself working alongside a national sports team, providing rehabilitative care via fitness programming, or even at the helm of your own business. ACPE touches base with some of their alumni to find out just how far their nationally recognised education and training has taken them. So where will you be? These represent just a handful of possible sporting career pathways. To view even more graduate stories, take a look at the ACPE website. Find out for yourself where a career in sport can take you with one of our online courses in fitnessor sports management. Personal Trainer CourseStudy modeOn CampusangeschlossenPayment optionsPayment planCourse guide+ FREE eBrochureEnquire Online Enquire OnlineFitness ResourcesGroup fitness instructor/programmer sample cover letterSports coach resumeCareer Insider StoriesDamien Kelly - Fitness Studio Owner & Exercise ScientistBrett Lee - Australian Cricket PlayerShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessEddie Betts - AFL PlayerEddie Betts - AFL PlayerInterested in becoming a?Rehabilitation CounsellorPersonal TrainerCommunity Health WorkerSports AdministratorFitness TrainerPopular Career Searchespersonal trainer careerfitness instructor job advertisementswim coach cover letterpersonal trainer introduction letterFitness CoursesBachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise)Enquire Online Enquire OnlineDiploma of Sport and Recreation ManagementEnquire Online Enquire OnlineComplete Personal TrainerEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate IV in FitnessEnquire Online Enquire OnlineMolly Wiltshire-BridleRelated ArticlesBrowse moreCareer changeCAREER INSPIRATIONPost-sporting careers - game over or career makeover?When a sprinter is crossing the line first to claim Olympic gold or a League player is converting the winning try the last thing on their minds is what career they will pursue once their sporting prowess fades and the next generation steps in.FitnessCalling all fitness freaksAre you a fitness fanatic whose idea of a good time is a thigh-burning spin class followed by 200 ab crunches? Do you have energy and drive to spare? Are you a good motivator who enjoys working with people?Sports ManagementUnusual jobsKerrilyn Cramer - Tennis Official, Chair UmpireEvery now and again when players are misbehaving, or the match is particularly close or tense for some reason, I feel some pressure, but I dont think its any different to any other job, I just have to deal with it.

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Customize this Outstanding Experienced Training and Development Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Experienced Training and Development Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Experienced Training and Development Resume TemplateCreate ResumeJayden Burke100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019Home (555) 322-7337Cell (555) 322-7337example-emailexample.comSummaryAccomplished Employee Relations Manager and Advocate with over 10 years of experience in human resources management, including working with various levels of personnel in organizational behavior, employee mediationszeit and engagement.Human Resources professional who analyzes problems logically and objectively.HighlightsExcellent interpersonal and coaching skillsExceptional communicatorStrategic thinkerEffective Trainer and DeveloperAdditional SkillsNotary PublicCertified True Colors TrainerCertified Hubbard and Hubbard Diversity TrainerExperienceDelta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel September 2009 to Current Employee Relations ManagerVinton, LAEmployee advocate responsible for mentoring gruppe members to succeed and advance within the department and company.Represent team members in arbitrary hearing for unfair discharges.Liaison between front line employees and management team responsible for establishing and maintaining mutual understanding and cooperation.Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel February 2003 to September 2009 Customer Service MangerVinton, LAAnalyzed each departments training needs and developed new training programs based on the analysis.Planned and led training programs on staff development.Delivered training material to a diverse audience of both front line and managerial staff.Designed training modules that implemented strategic customer service practices and organizational behavior training concepts.Effectively trained instructors and supervisors on techniques for managing employees.Monitored team leader incentive and motivational programs.EducationMcNeese State University 1992 Associate of Arts Paralegal Jacksonville, FL, USWord Bible College 2008 Master of Arts Christian Counseling Jacksonville, FLCustomize ResumeMore Human Resources Resume TemplatesEntry Level Training and Development Resume TemplatesTraining and Development Resume TemplatesEntry Level HR Generalists Resume Templates

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7 body language tips for a video interview

7 body language tips for a video interview7 body language tips for a video interviewJob interviews can be stressful enough, but video interviews somehow have the ability to take your nerves to an entirely new levelespecially if youve never done one before However, if youre interviewing for a remote role or a position with a hiring manager in another city or country, theres a good perspektive theyll use Skype or another video chatting platform to conduct the interview.This will force you to think through a handful of items, including your body language during a video interview, as well as other essential tidbits.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreHaving a successful video interview will require extra effort on your part, compared to a phone or in-person interview. Not only will you need to prepare a clutter-free space in your home, youll also need to test your tech by ensuring your Internet connection is strong and you know how to navigate the interview program, whether it be Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or another platform. A decent webcam and microphone are necessary to provide a professional image and to enkoranvers your interviewer doesnt have any trouble seeing or hearing you properly.Once you have all the basics down, its imperative that you present the best body language possible during a video interview. Body language is the nonverbal way we communicate with others, and your body language during a video interview can convey your internal feelings.Presenting confidence, friendliness, and positivity should be your aim. How you sit, stand, and gesture all play a part in how your interviewer will evaluate you. Below we have seven tips to help you be aware of your body language when interviewing. Use these tips to present your best self and land the role.7 Body Language Tips for a Video Interview1. Maintain good eye contactLooking directly at your intervie wer is important during any interview, but especially so for avideo interview. Thing is, some job seekers might find it challenging to know exactly where to look during the interview while they are talking.Make it a point to look directly into the camera, rather than your computer screen. Looking at yourself on the screen will show that your eyes are looking elsewhere and may cause the interviewer to feel a disconnect. Just as you would look directly at the interviewer in an in-person interview, and not to the left or right, focus your attention on them during a video interview as well. Youll establish a better connection.2. Sit up straightHaving good posture during your interview shows that youre alert, interested, and engaged. Slouching in your seat can look unprofessional and make it seem like youre a little too casual- and therefore not as interested in the position as you should be.If you think that you might start to sink into your seat as the interview goes on, prop yourself up with a small- and unsightly- pillow. Itll keep you sitting straight and paying attention.3. Lean in, but not too farUsually, when someone is saying something interesting, the natural response is to lean in closer. But if youre doing a video interview, theres only so far you can lean in before youre just one big eyeball to your potential employer.When you feel its natural to do so, you can lean in as the hiring manager is speakingbut not too far. Just leaning forward a few inches is often enough during a video interview to express your interest.4. Try to keep gesturing to a minimumMany people gesture as they speak to animate their stories or to get their point across. Problem is, most people dont realize how often they use their hands until they see themselves on video. During yourvideo interview, you can gesture as you speak but to a certain extent. After all, no one is expecting you to sit on your hands for the duration of your video interview- it would look odd if youdidntgestu re once in a while.If youre concerned that you might move your hands too much, you can always practice pre-interview to make sure your motions are kept to a minimum.5. Dont cross your arms or legsIn an attempt to keep from gesturing wildly, you might be tempted to fold your arms in front of you. Unfortunately, you might come across as closed off or upset by doing so. Since thats not the image you want to present to a potential employer, keep your arms comfortably at your sides and your feet planted on the floor to make yourself look more open and engaged.6. Nod when necessaryYou dont want to interrupt your interviewer with a boisterous, That sounds amazing when theyre telling you about the company culture. Thats where the art of the nod comes in. Youshouldnod as your interviewer is speaking this conveys a connection between the two of you and shows that youre listening to what theyre saying.While nodding once in a while is encouraged during your video interview- nodding so often tha t you give yourself a headache isnt. So be selective with your nods do it often enough so that your interviewer knows you understand what theyre saying, but not too much as to look comical or not genuine.7. Smile genuinelyOf course,smilingis a great way to show friendliness and approachability. When people try to force a smile, though, it can come across as fake, which can be a big turn off for a potential employer. So be sure to smile during your job interviewwhen it feels right. Its been shown that smiling while speaking also makes you sound friendlier and can give you a more upbeat tone to your voice. And if your interviewer says something funny, smile and laughBeing aware of your body language during a video interview can be the difference between presenting yourself as a confident or nervous candidate. Follow these tips to showcase the best body language and let your skills and experience shine.Interviewing for jobs but looking to fine-tune your approach? A FlexJobs career coac h can help Book an online career coaching appointment today to get tips and tricks and personalized feedback from one of our career experts.Schedule your personalized career coaching session here.This article first appeared on Flex Jobs.

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How to Analyze a Companys Culture

How to Analyze a Companys CultureHow to Analyze a Companys CultureWhen you apply for a job, one of the most important considerations is a companys culture- how well you will fit within a company and how well it will fit into your life. After all, a good fit with a company can mean a fulfilling and enjoyable work experience.Before you try to understand a company, though, you need to know what you want out of both a job and company. Without understanding your needs, you wont be able to look objectively at different companies or decide on a place that will be a good fit for you.Check out these tips to help you analyze a companys culture to find a good fitDo your research.Walking into ajob einstellungsgesprch without an inkling of what the company is about isnt going to land you a position where you feel valued or challenged. Make sure to do your own research ahead of time, starting with the companys website.Check out the tone of the site- is it personal or straightforward and profession al? Read through the companys mission statement to binnensee if you agree with it or not. You can even peruse the companys benefits page. Does the company offer competitive benefits, and what is its stance on work flexibility? All of these can be major clues into the companys culture, and whether youd want to work there or not.Use resources.Connect with your network to see if any of your contacts have previously worked for that employer. They can give you a first-hand perspective of what working there might really be like. Scour the companys social media channels, including LinkedIn, to get a better picture of its engagement with consumers, clients, and employees.You can also use resources such as Glassdoor to read about other peoples experiences with the company.Ask questions.Lets say that youve done your research and are now sitting in front of your prospective employer during your job interview. Now is the time to ask questions that you might not have previously been able to find an answer for.In order to assess company culture, you might want to ask about how employees are trained, and professional development opportunities at the company. Other tips would be to find out how management makes its decisions, and the types of managerial styles embraced at the company.Be observant.Whether youre in an actual office or conducting your job interview remotely, be sure to take some mental notes of what you see. Are workers dressed in business attire, or are they rocking jeans and tees? Is the office cut up into cubicles, or is there more of a communal vibe? And if your interview is after traditional working hours, is a large percentage of the staff still there, or have most of them clocked out for the day?Looking at the office environment can give you a really good idea of what the companys culture is, and if it makes sense for your needs.Analyze it all.After collecting all of your data, its time to sit down and look at everything together. Break down the informati on into different areas that will help you get a better picture of the company culture. Focus on how you would feel working in the office, and what your initial reaction was whenever you communicated with someone at the company.Also, consider your wants and needs that you have established and match up them up with what the company can offer. Does it all fit together or conflict? fruchtwein of all, think about how you felt interviewing with the company. Did you feel excited about potentially getting hired, or do you feel blas about working for the business? Your gut instinct can be the biggest indicator of whether a companys culture would be a good fit for you or not.Check Out The Top 100 Companies for Remote JobsJennifer Parris contributed to this post.

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Contingent Job Offers With Strings Attached

Contingent Job Offers With Strings AttachedContingent Job Offers With Strings AttachedWhen you accept a job offer, be sure to understand any contingencies that may cause it to be withdrawn subsequently. For example, some companies perform background and reference checks, and these checks may not be completed by the time that you receive an offer, or even by the time that you actually start work. Negative results on such checks can cause the offer to be withdrawn, or you to be terminated if you already have started work. One particularly controversial variation on this theme is the growing use of employment leistungspunkt checks among many employers. We discuss this matter in detail under the 3rd heading below. False Statements Putting anything untrue on your resume, on an employment application or on a company questionnaire is risky. If discovered by the company, this can lead to rescission of an offer or dismissal if you already have begun work. This risk continues to exist even if your false representation has gone undetected for a number of years, and even if you have compiled a stellar work record in the intervening time period.A significant number of employers have a zero tolerance policy towards the use of falsehoods by job applicants, and effectively have no statute of limitations on enforcement thereof. Ironically, though, many companies lure applicants with false representations of their own. In fruchtwein cases, unfortunately, employees hired pursuant to such claims have little or no opportunity for redress, at least not without launching potentially expensive legal action. Arrests, Convictions, and Legal Actions Companies commonly ask about past arrests, convictions and other legal actions against you. Minor traffic violations normally are specifically excluded from such inquiries. Accordingly, if you have any past brushes with the law that may impair your marketability as a job applicant, get advice from an attorney who specializes in employment law . Also look into the possibility of officially expunging arrest records.If you are seeking employment in a state other than the one in which you reside, be sure that the attorney understands relevant law in both states, as well as applicable federal laws. You should know precisely what biographical details the prospective employer legally can inquire about, and what you should do if you are asked an illegal question. Bear in mind that an employer may reject you for refusal to answer an illegal question, using the pretext that you were unsuitable for other reasons. Credit Checks Some companies conduct credit checks on potential hires. While there is conflicting evidence about its predictive power, some firms believe that someone with a poor credit history is likely to be a problem employee. For younger applicants who do not have an established credit history, use of credit checks by an employer can present a barrier to being hired. Note that there is a political movement to restrictt he use of credit checks as a consideration in hiring.Fingerprinting? Be aware that many financial institutions fingerprintall employees,to facilitate criminal background checks. This is dictated by federal regulationsthatgenerallybarpeople with criminal records from the financial services industry. Companies in other industries also may fingerprint employees, where allowed by law, for the same reasons. Erroneous Information Background and credit checks at times come back with erroneous information that may place unwarranted blemishes on your record. Understand what redress you have if this happens to you.Invasion of Privacy If you believe that a prospective employer is trying to invade your personal privacy to an unwarranted degree, reconsider whether you want to work there. A companys hiring practices often give important clues on how it treats its employees.Changing Business Conditions A common contingency is that geschftsleben conditions can change very quickly after a job offer is extended. The company may start a round of layoffs that includes the job just offered to you. Alternatively, you may still have a job, but it may be radically different from what you thought you were getting. For all these reasons, and for the ones mentioned earlier, be careful to keep other options open for as long as you can. In particular, do not decline other job offers until you are certain that you actually will get the one that you prefer.